Air France

World record in sustainable flying

Air France has set a world record. On the French airline’s second Green Flight from Toulouse-Blagnac to Paris-Orly, which took one hour and twenty minutes, the Airbus A321 left the smallest ever carbon footprint of any jet.

54 grams per passenger and kilometre – half the usual amount. The Airbus flew on a blend of half conventional fuel and half biokerosene. In addition, on all stages of the trip the pilots and flight controllers worked together to achieve optimal energy-conserving flying.

Towards this end the aircraft was fitted out with new seats that are 40 percent lighter than those otherwise used on the short-haul route. The flight from Toulouse to Paris was Air France’s second in the Green Flight series. In April 2010 the carrier staged its maiden green haul across the Atlantic from Paris to Miami using a Boeing B747-400ER.