Bosch Security Systems

New conference software

Bosch Security Systems has enhanced the control software for its Digital Congress Network (DCN) conference systems with a new simultaneous interpretation module with a wide range of functions.

The conference software package already features an extensive but nevertheless intuitive user surface for more convenient and sophisticated design of DCN Next Generation and DCN wireless systems in businesses. The package includes powerful surface options for convenient arrangement and staging of conferences.

With the new simultaneous interpretation module, interpreter desks may be managed in the system overview mode. Each of these may be conveniently configured per remote control, and the status is displayed on a PC. That enables operators to monitor interpreters' work and to control each interpreter's microphone by simply pressing the proper keys. Control options include functions such as activating/deactivating microphones during conferences as well as adaptation of microphone sensitivity to particularly powerful or soft voices.

The new software also has a "speak slow" function in system controls, with which interpreters can inform speakers that they are speaking too fast. Furthermore, a help function for the interpreter panels and the delegate units has been integrated in system controls. That enables individuals to contact support assistants. The new software is compatible with Windows 7 and also has a state-of-the-art user surface which was optimized for touchscreen controls and thus provides for intuitive system administration in real-time mode.

Owing to the numerous innovations in systems controls, operators can now conveniently monitor the progress of events in the conference room, for example which interpreter panels are active, which language combination has been assigned, which delegate is currently speaking and who is on the speaker list. Similar to earlier versions, this software is available as modular package, which allows buyers to customize the function package just as required.