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17 hotels already certified sustainable

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Tried and found sustainable: half of all Lindner Hotels & Resorts have already received certification from Germany's sustainability and economics institute Deutsches Institut für Nachhaltigkeit und Ökonomie (DINÖ). Altogether 17 Lindner Hotels, including properties in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Oberstaufen, Speyer, at the Nürburgring und in Switzerland, can now sport the green and blue ecolabel of "Guaranteed Sustainability 2012".

Before being awarded the internationally recognised badge each property must offer proof of its commitment to ecology, economy and social responsibility in a two-stage test procedure. The audit process is scheduled for completion in mid-2012, by when it is hoped to have all hotels certified.

Once each hotel has successfully completed a standardised questionnaire, an on-site audit is conducted by an independent expert examiner, who begins by recording the current situation on the ground and comparing it with the information provided in the questionnaire. More detailed questions are also asked on each individual topic, enabling the hotels to highlight their personal strengths in respect of non-standardised processes during face-to-face talks with the examiner. Such strong points may include, for example, close regional commitment and ties, potential modernisation plans, staff training on sustainable behaviour, waste separation and the use of hired bicycles and electric or hybrid vehicles. The individual aspects are weighted appropriately and entered into the overall assessment. 

In the on-site audits the Lindner Hotels perform particularly well on energy and environmental protection. As part of Lindner's in-house "EnergySave" projects the normal lamps in all the hotels were replaced by energy-saving issues, motion sensors installed in the corridors, special water-saving fixtures put in, and the air-conditioning and heating adjusted to daily room occupancy. Across the group this has already cut energy consumption by around 10 to 15 percent.

In the F&B department, too, the hotels pay great attention to sustainability. As well as offering a fully certified organic breakfast, for fresh produce such as fruit, cold meats and eggs Lindner always relies on regional suppliers with short delivery distances. As a rule the chef knows the suppliers personally and can check the quality and freshness of the produce at first hand.

Lindner says its 34 city and resort hotels are conspicuous for their excellent situation, cutting-edge communications solutions and innovative spa offers. The family-run group employing a workforce of 2,000 generated revenues in 2010 of EUR 165.7 million.