2011/04/12 Pharma industry, life sciences and art

In the triangle formed by the three countries Germany-France-Switzerland, where the Rhine swells from a stream to a wide river, a booming high-tech centre is situated. Although Basel numbers a mere... read more

2011/04/08 Being part of it is what counts!

With not quite a year and a half to go until the Olympic Games open, London is confident of being able to cope with the throng of athletes and visitors expected to descend on the city. The MICE... read more

2011/04/08 Marhaba

Marhaba, the Arabic word for “welcome” or “hallo”, is more than a greeting, in that it also implies an offer of hospitality. In November 2010 a dozen meeting and incentive professionals from Germany,... read more

2011/04/07 World Cultural Heritage and Winter Wonderland

Winter is in fact suited particularly well for corporate events and incentives, provided of course the right destination was chosen. Roros in Norway, for example, at a closer look is a genuine winter... read more

2011/04/07 Nighttime excursions and fresh shrimp rolls

Convening in a creative atmosphere, and then get a clear head again – that’s the theme of unique incentive and social programs offered jointly by 14 cities in the northern German state of... read more

2011/04/12 Urbane, easy-going, and cool

The capital of the German federal state North Rhine-Westphalia is much more exciting and multifaceted than one would expect at first glance. The metropolis on the Rhine river is characterized by... read more

2011/04/08 [Translate to English:] Das Hoch im Norden

[Translate to English:] Wer sich in der Vergangenheit mit Meeting-Planern über Hamburg unterhielt, bekam häufig ein ambivalentes Feedback. Einerseits hochattraktiv mit dem vibrierenden Hafen, den... read more

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