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2011/04/07 The world’s biggest democracy

It was not a bumper year. Just 722 delegates travelled to Hyderabad for the ICCA Congress. Yet the location for the General Assembly had been well chosen. Economically and politically overshadowed as... read more

2011/04/07 JMIC – Can It Make a Difference?

In an industry where there sometimes seem to be as many organizations as there are different sectors it’s not unreasonable to ask why we need another one. Setting aside the fact that JMIC – the Joint... read more

2011/04/07 Cautious optimism

From July 3 to 7, Liverpool hosted the Annual Conference of the industry association for professional convention and exhibition centre managers worldwide. Following the crisis year 2009, participants... read more

2011/04/07 Getting Sustainability into Perspective

As with the old pendulum example, issues have a way of running to excess before they come back to something that represents a logical balance between the idealistic and the realistic. For some... read more

2011/04/07 A time of great transition

AIPC President Edgar Hirt on the impacts of the economic crisis, priorities for the activities of AIPC and the current climate for international meetings and conferences. TW: Where do you see the... read more

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