Annual congress study 2018

Record-breaking year for congresses in Paris

Foto: Convention and Visitors Bureau Paris

Just as the ESMO has announced the holding of its congress in 2021, and a few weeks before the ESC Congress, the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau is publishing its annual study; an opportunity, for the twelfth consecutive year, to decipher the characteristics and evolution of this sector, a strategic one for the French capital, which largely contributed to the positive attendance record of the destination in 2018.

In 2018, Paris welcomed a total of 1,192 congresses (+ 7.4% / 2017) and 882,405 delegates, an increase of 14%, among whom were 278,616 foreign delegates (+ 6%). The number of congresses with more than 5,000 participants increased by 6.7%, totalling 32 congresses. They represent only 3% of the total but gathered 32% of delegates. 66% of congresses stayed loyal to Paris and 44% were international in scope, welcoming at least 20% of foreigners. Medicine re-mains the most represented subject area (37%) followed by technology (15%) and economics (10%). The city of Paris accounted for 86% of congresses. As for venues, they were mainly divided up between scientific sites, which hosted 39% of events, and convention centres, with 34%. However, the latter accounted for 73% of delegates. The most popular months were June, October and November, which together represent 44% of the year's congresses. Never have the ensemble of congressess analyzed in the study generated such significant economic benefits. In 2018, congress activity generated 1.34 billion euros in economic benefits (+5.5% compared to 2017) and more than 22,650 jobs in the sectors of event organiza-tion (site rental, catering, etc.) and tourism (transport, hotels, restaurants, outings, etc.). French delegates spent an average of 218 euros per day during a congress, while foreigners spent 355 euros.

Corinne Ménégaux, Managing Director of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, sums up these good results: ‘With an average of 1,000 events per year for more than 10 years, Paris has carved out an enviable position for itself in the congress sector and retains its leadership status. The list of upcoming congresses* enables us to face the fu-ture with optimism and contributes to the reputation of the capital. The transformations that the City has already started (creation of hotels, major transport projects) will take on their full importance in the coming years and will all be arguments for choosing Paris.’.