“This is the time to support one another...":...
“This is the time to support one another..."

Events Industry Council’s member organisations sents joint message

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“The reality of COVID-19 reminds us that we are a global community representing a rich and diverse fabric of talented and dedicated professionals. We are also reminded of our common humanity in our vulnerabilities. As individuals, now is the time to focus on what matters most: the collective wellbeing and safety of our workforce, event participants and communities.hese circumstances are deeply affecting our society as a whole. As stewards of our industry, we lift up and hold in our hearts all of those who have lost loved ones and who face new struggles as a result of this crisis. We know that our 26 million industry professionals are part of a global collective and that we are seeing disruptions that are unprecedented.

This is the time to support one another as best we can while the world health and economic systems work toward the path of recovery. We commend event professionals around the globe for maintaining their continued focus on supporting safe, healthy and inclusive communities.We do not yet know with any degree of certainty what the total impact will be on communities and the global economy; we do know that it will be significant. While we navigate this uncertainty, we counsel responsible, fact-based decision-making, grounded in empathy, delivered and received with kindness. We are a community that depends on one another, and indeed together we are stronger. Let us work together to the best of our abilities to honour our commitments to each other and the communities we serve.

EIC, on behalf of our industry and in collaboration with our 33 members, has focused on sharing and delivering relevant educational resources, insights and advocacy. We will continue to look for ways to serve, offering a unified voice in support of our industry, stakeholders, and mission. EIC’s vision is to enrich lives and drive economic growth through the power of events worldwide. Our mission is to be the global voice of the business events industry on advocacy, research, professional recognition and standards. With a mindset focused on our values, collaboration, and empathy, we are well positioned to focus our energies where they are best placed: in support of each other.“