Advantage Consultants: A Global Collaboration...
Advantage Consultants

A Global Collaboration of Industry Individuals Launches


A group of six professional industry consultants, working for clients in over 80 countries, has joined forces to create a new collaborative approach to solving business solutions for destinations, venues, individuals and event companies.  Called Advantage Consultants,  this collaboration includes: Paul Kennedy MBE, Director and Owner of Kennedy Integrated Solutions; Elisabeth Hansa, Owner of Support & Strategy On Demand;  Linda Pereria, Executive Director of CPL events and CEO of the L&I Communications group;  Nina Gardiner, Founder & CEO of Spotl1ght Communications; Steen Moller, Director and Owner of Open The World;  and Sue Wilkes, Director and Owner of SW Business & Events Solutions.

“Bringing together a group of international individuals based in Austria, Denmark, Portugal, and the United Kingdom, we are able to offer a diverse range of strategic skills, opinions and expertise.  Sticking to what each of us does best, our combined depth and breadth of different skill sets - all of us have our own independent consultancy businesses - means we can offer our services either as a group or individually, depending on the solutions that we present to our clients.” Says Paul Kennedy MBE, who brought all of those involved together to create this new business opportunity. (fun)