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Media Partnership with Tourism News Africa

Photo: Tourism News Africa

A strategic media agreement has been established between AAXO, the Association of African Exhibition Organizers, and Tourism News Africa. It encompasses media coverage, strategic information dissemination to identify significant industry developments, and the exposure of AAXO events on Tourism News Africa's platform.

The AAXO and Tourism News Africa partnership aims to ensure that all relevant industry events and news are highlighted. It provides an additional platform to amplify the voices emanating from the opportunities represented by the association. Tourism News Africa has recently launched an "Events" section on the platform, providing event organisers with the opportunity to list and market their events on the African Continent at no cost for exposure.
„We are excited at the opportunity to partner with established entities.“
Darryl Erasmus, editor-in-chief, Tourism News Africa
"AAXO are delighted to be collaborating with Tourism News Africa. We are continually looking for ways in which we can add value to our members and keeping them up to date with the latest news and information through the TNA channel will be one of many benefits that this partnership will enable. Our two organisations are perfectly aligned, and we look forward to driving this mutually beneficial partnership forward", the association states.

Darryl Erasmus, editor-in-chief of Tourism News Africa, commented on this partnership, "As we continue to evolve our platform to benefit the sector on the continent, we are excited at the opportunity to partner with established entities such as AAXO and in doing so to reach new audiences and collaborate on unique, noteworthy, and authentic content."