Advanced Training School for ecological trans...
Advanced Training School for ecological transition

University of Bologna partners IEG

Photo: University Bologna

The University of Bologna and IEG - Italian Exhibition Group – have signed a three-year agreement to collaborate in an in-depth manner on the issue of the Circular Economy, currently very topical and of strategic importance.

The context of the agreement includes the organisation of an Advanced Training School for Ecological Transition addressing enterprises, organisations and associations promoted by Ecomondo - Italian Exhibition Group and directed by the University of Bologna, in collaboration with Rete Ambiente.
„Ecological transition is the most valuable goal.“
Lorenzo Cagnoni, IEG President
IEG President Lorenzo Cagnoni says, "Ecological transition is currently the necessary direction as well as the most valuable goal. Thanks to our company´s lengthy experience and international relations, built up not only in 23 editions of Ecomondo, but in the entire green concept of our expo and conference facilities and our organisation, we are ready to make our business contribution to companies and all the industry members and professionals who intend investing in the Circular Economy."