Business Matchmaking based on Artificial Inte...
Business Matchmaking based on Artificial Intelligence

AI Specialist Launches Web Networking Module


Grip, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered business matchmaking solution, announced the launch of its Web Networking module to deliver a faster and more effective way for event attendees to achieve their business goals.
Using artificial intelligence (AI) matchmaking technology to understand people’s networking intent before they even attend an event, Grip’s Web Networking will improve recommendations in real-time based on who they request and schedule meetings with. Additionally, the new module will use Grip Smart Meeting Scheduling to automatically show only dates, times and locations that work for both people who have made a connection via Grip’s smart networking app, known as a handshake.
Tim Groot, CEO of Grip, comments: “Grip's matchmaking solution is quickly becoming the de-facto choice for events with already five of the largest exhibition organisers in the world using it through Grip's own branded apps or integrated in leading event app providers such as Zerista and Goomeo.
“Grip Web Networking will help event organisers deliver an even more streamlined networking experience for attendees and increase quality leads for exhibitors. It shows how committed we are to creating the best people networking experience available on the market today and deliver real ROI for events and their stakeholders. Organisers are delighted with the way Grip assists their attendees with finding the best possible connections at an event.” he adds.
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