Alternative use of space: Padel arena opened ...
Alternative use of space

Padel arena opened at Messukeskus

Photo: Messukeskus

A padel arena has been opened at Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre. Messukeskus has been looking at alternative uses for its premises now that it is not possible to organise large public events due to the pandemic. At the same time, there is a great shortage of courts in the Helsinki metropolitan area, as the popularity of padel is constantly growing.
„Messukeskus is a very spacious and corona-safe venue.“
Ville Palola, leader of the Padel Messukeskus project
There are eight courts in the opening phase, and more are under construction. Project leader Ville Palola describes Messukeskus as a top-level full-service game arena in terms of health and safety, location and services.

Flooring surfaces and court constructions at Messukeskus were brought from Spain, where the padel hobby has grown exponentially in recent years. The surfaces were manufactured by a factory that exclusively produces courts for professional players.

"Messukeskus is a very spacious and corona-safe venue. The ceiling height reaches nine metres and the ventilation is dimensioned for large crowds. The courts can be accessed directly from the outdoor area. There are more than one hundred square metres of space per player", says Ville Palola, leader of the Padel Messukeskus project.