Ambitious plan: ASM Global wants measurable r...
Ambitious plan

ASM Global wants measurable results in sustainability

Photo: Colorado Convention Center

ASM Global, through its corporate social responsibility platform, ASM Global Acts, and in partnership with Honeycomb Strategies, has announced that beginning this year it will dedicate its full resources to achieving measurable results throughout its businesses using the most comprehensive tracking system in the venue space – intended to reflect that scale and create substantial collective impact on every continent on which it operates. ASM Global has committed to the following for all its venues:

  • Reduce energy consumption by 25% by 2030 from baseline year (2023)
  • Achieve 20% of all energy consumed through renewable energy sources by 2025
  • Carbon neutral by 2050
  • Divert over 50% of waste overall by 2025
  • Eliminate single-use plastic in front of house by 2025
  • Reduce water consumption by 25% by 2030 from baseline year (2023)
  • Award 50% of its reportable spend to suppliers adhering to its environmental purchasing policy by 2030
  • Increase plant-based menu options by 35% by 2024 in Savor (ASM Global's food division) venues
  • Decrease food waste by 75% by 2026 in Savor venues

ASM Global has partnered with WeTrack, a SaaS company that provides planning, sustainability goals and operations solutions to some of the world's biggest sports and entertainment brands.

„"Our current portfolio of LEED-certified venues has set the standard, and we're now raising the bar even higher."“
Ron Bension, president and CEO, ASM Global
The WeTrack system has been developed to help customers track progress on sustainability, ESG and CSR initiatives. ASM Global venue ambassadors will each have a system set up for them with common indicators that ASM Global wants to track along with venue goals specific to the community in which they operate.