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Exhibitions 3.0 framework released

Photo: AMR International

Strategy consultancy AMR International sees four main ingredients for the future success of exhibitions: North Star, customer needs, way of working, and measures of success. The consultants have wrapped this "winning formula" in the whitepaper Exhibitions 3.0.

The whitepaper aims to show how organisers can adapt and succeed in these new market conditions. It builds on from AMR's original and widely adopted Exhibitions 2.0 toolbox and Community Catalyst concept. As executive chairman, Denzil Rankine explains, "It was a different world in 2018 when we launched Exhibitions 2.0. Back then, the focus was on improving and transforming events. Now Exhibitions 3.0 addresses, in practical terms, the organiser's journey of transformation, including on the road to Community Catalyst."
„It's more than digital, which should simply be endemic.“
Denzil Rankine, executive chairman, AMR International
Rankin continues: "The focus is on customer closeness and using data, technology and insight to generate valuable connections across both physical and online channels. Many of the organisations we work with call this 'digital transformation', but we call it Exhibitions 3.0. It's more than digital, which should simply be endemic."

Exhibitions 3.0 is a framework and series of steps that enable organisers to secure longevity for their brands through improved customer relationships. The steps include honing a future vision, or 'North Star', and establishing new ways of working. These are interlinked with new metrics and measures of customer success.