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ASEAN business events 

JLS draws reopening roadmap


A reopening roadmap for the ASEAN business events industry has been charted and reaffirmed by ASEAN leaders and Global Exhibitions Organisers, who met face-to-face at the Joint Leadership Summit (JLS) in Singapore from October 5 to 7, 2021.

The leading associations serving the exhibition industry came together to advocate for the critical need to re-start business events in the APAC region as these are the marketplaces, the meeting places, that are a springboard for growth and innovation as well as a fast track for recovery and to share case studies and discuss lessons learned and adapted when restarting and running safe and successful events in Europe, MEA, and the USA. They had an open dialogue with government officials in the ASEAN region to talk about reopening the essential international travel corridors into, out of and across the region. Delivering a pilot event in Singapore showed that with precautions, protocols, and planning, Singapore can restart and hold a safe and successful international business event.
„We are on our way to recovery.“
Mary Larkin, UFI immediate past president and president of diversified communications USA
Additionally, the platform was used to launch a brand new joint event, the Asia CEO Summit, scheduled to take place from October 4 to 6, 2022 in Singapore.

Mary Larkin, UFI immediate past president and president of diversified communications USA said: "We are on our way to recovery. We came together as a united industry during the Joint Association Leadership Summit to advocate for the reopening of business travel and events in APAC so as to revitalise the incredible international marketplaces that come together here. With our experience in the US, Europe and Middle East, we were able to demonstrate the safety protocols and reopening successes we have had in many regions, and to share that it can be adapted and implemented throughout ASEAN. We did lament not being joined by our colleagues from the APAC region, like UFI president Anbu Varathan and our next UFI president, Monica Lee-Müller, because of unaligned travel policies, but we are heartened by the strong roadmap in place for restarting the industry."