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Venue management training platform launched

Photo: Wes Hicks on Unsplash

ASM Global is launching a multilingual globalised training programme "ASM Global Academy" which will be available to its 61,000 global workforce aimed at elevating upskilled team members and reimagining the guest experience. It offers more than 1,800 multi-language content courses and aims to give ASM Global team members an opportunity to complete self-paced learning courses, which support their career development and enhance their knowledge.

ASM Global President and CEO Ron Bension said, "This tool is a real win and substantial benefit for our clients and employees. Our scale allows us to create this initiative and provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity for our clients to receive a complete training programme as part of our service – a one-stop training and employee education programme to its clients.
„This tool is a substantial benefit for our clients and employees.“
Ron Bension, president and CEO, ASM Global
Many of the included trainings are specifically customised to ASM Global and created in house by ASM Global's training department. Training courses will encompass, but not be limited to, guest services, diversity, equity and inclusion, food safety, inclusive culture, sustainability, operations, safety and security, and leadership. The academy will utilise gamification, badges, leaderboards, quizzes and evaluations to create an engaging and comprehensive e-learning experience.

Shauna Elvin, ASM Global's executive vice president, global human resources, said, "This programme is being rolled out in the United States, APAC, the UK, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East; and we believe ASM team members will be even more energised, satisfied and equipped to deliver the best guest experience possible and advance their career interests."

Ron Bension