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New: Brussels International Association Forum (BIAF)

After the successful launch of the Geneva International Association Forum (GIAF) from 16-17 September 2021, AssociationWorld announces the Brussels International Association Forum (BIAF) from 6-7 December 2021.

The Brussels International Association Forum (BIAF) will be an in-person association event that brings to bring together Brussels, Benelux, France and UK based international and European associations and non-profit organizations. Its primary mission is to provide knowledge transfer, to enable peer-to-peer exchange, to share best practices and to design joint initiatives to tackle common challenges, to help achieve better results and greater impact.
BIAF is complementary to Visit Brussels’ European Association Summit (EAS) held each spring time. BIAF will take place each autumn. The first edition of BIAF takes place at Tour & Taxis, Maison de la Poste from 6-7 December 2021.
„For what we are trying to deliver at BIAF, Tour & Taxis is the most suitable venue in Brussels. Being Europe’s most sustainable venue, the innovation that went into the development of the entire site and its surroundings in regards to sustainability is just fantastic. It’s fully self-sustainable“, said Kai Troll, President of AssociationWorld. „As associations, we should choose more meaningful and impactful venues. Especially if they align with our sustainable development goals (SDGs). This is why we want to bring associations here“.
„As associations, we should choose more meaningful and impactful venues. Especially if they align with our sustainable development goals (SDGs).“
Kai Troll, President of AssociationWorld

Maison de la Poste has unique meeting facilities, indoor and outdoor, covered by Europe’s largest timber roof. Helene Van Elst, Head of Hospitality, Maison de la Poste, comments: „The Gare Maritime project by Tour and Taxis is a multi-purpose, state-of-the-art project like no other in Belgium. We are proud to hold the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Award in the consecutive year. We are looking forward to hosting BIAF and to share our vision with the international and European association community and to lean all about the world of associations.“
The BIAF advisory committee has started to identify and define relevant themes and topics to be discussed by international and European association representatives. The event is for the association community, by the association community. The programme will combine keynote speakers, a masterclass, peer-to-peer exchange and workshops, panel discussions and outdoor activities related to well-being and healthy minds.
BIAF is accessible to all type of Associations, Federations, Societies, NGOs and Non-Profits at all levels (C-level to junior association professionals), BIAF partners and supporters. Registration opens on Friday, 8 October 2021. More information and pre-registration here.
Brussels International Association Forum (BIAF)
Brussels International Association Forum (BIAF) will gather representatives of international and European Associations, Non-Profits, Federations, Societies, NGOs and other Non-Profits. BIAF aims at establishing an international leading platform and knowledge sharing event in one of the world’s flagship host destinations for professional associations and non-profit organizations.