#B-SAFE4business: Koelnmesse wins UFI Operati...

Koelnmesse wins UFI Operations and Services Award

Photo: Koelnmesse

"Best marketing strategy in a changing exhibition industry" was the theme of this year's UFI Operations and Services award competition and the jury selected Koelnmesse GmbH (Germany) as the winner for their "#B-SAFE4business" project.

Sean McDonnell, vice-chair UFI Operations and Services Working Group, RX France, said: "Koelnmesse presented an excellent project aimed at enticing clients back to physical events in the Covid-19 era by responding to their evolving needs related to their health & safety".
„The results helped put physical events back on the map.“
Sean McDonnell, vice-chair, UFI Operations and Services Working Group
As for the effectiveness, he added: "It is clear that the project was managed expertly from conception through to delivery. This was achieved not only by developing an innovative operational solution but also by deploying qualitative marketing and communication plans. The results were immediate and helped put physical events back on the map in Koelnmesse."

The winning team is invited to present their project at the UFI Global Congress this November.

Read more about the project here: blog.ufi.org/2022/06/30/koelnmesse-gmbh-wins-the-2022-ufi-operations-and-services-award