European society of radiology and Vienna Conv...
European society of radiology and Vienna Convention Bureau

Case Study reveals

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The European Society of Radiology, the world`s largest professional community in the biomedical field with over 80,000 members across 193 countries, in partnership with the Vienna Convention Bureau, has revealed the results of research conducted by leading market research firm, Triconsult. The findings of `The Sustainability of Scientific Congresses – European Congress of Radiology 2018` revealed that the value of the professional time spent compiling, and the research funding associated with, the content of 3,331 papers presented at the European Society of Radiology`s 2018 Congress, amounted to 813 million euros. The findings were derived from a sample of nearly 10% of speakers responding to detailed questionnaires distributed by the society. Commenting on the importance of the study, executive director of the European Society of Radiology, Peter Baierl, said; “Our mission is education. We live in a world of numbers and everyone, wherever they come from, can go with those numbers to whomever is important; the public, the industry, or our customers - the doctors.”