500 attendees celebrated CNCC’s 10th birthday...
500 attendees celebrated CNCC’s 10th birthday

China National Convention Center Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Foto: cnnc

On the afternoon of October 30, 2019, the 10th anniversary brand launch event of China National Convention Center (CNCC) was held in CNCC. 500 attendees, including industry experts, scholars, and repeat customers, gathered at CNCC to celebrate its 10th birthday. During the event, the release of the new corporate culture and mascot Zhufu's first appearance push the event to the climax.

Lei Yi, the party secretary and general manager of CNCC, released the upgraded brand strategy during the celebration. She expressed the hope that the upgrade and optimization of the brand value system will continuously strengthen the brand image of CNCC and deepen the public's sense of identity to the brand. Guided by the strategic development of "specialization, marketization and internationalization" and the goal of "building a landing platform for the international communication center", CNCC reorganized and upgraded the brand on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the opening.

In the brand launch event, the first appearance of CNCC’s mascot - Zhufu has attracted wide attention. Its main image is the bamboo spirit, and the design inspiration comes from the combination of "bamboo", which represents the spirit of China, and "Peking Opera", which represents the culture of Beijing. Since ancient times, bamboo stands for "integrity, nobleness, and modesty". Taken from the cultural elements of the capital, Beijing Opera masks express the high standards of CNCC representing "China's service" and China's confidence and integrity in international interactions. The mascot is named Zhufu, which is a homophone of blessing in Chinese. It embodies that CNCC will bring sincere blessing to customers all over China and the world. In the future, CNCC will also launch Zhufu emoticons and a series of creative products.

China Lei Yi