Matchmaking for Association Events: Conferli ...
Matchmaking for Association Events

Conferli launches online platform

Photo: Pixabay

Conferli launched a new platform that streamlines the process of matching association events with destinations and venues. The solution provides conference organizers with the opportunity to make their choices based on data-driven benchmarking. In this process, destinations and venues are matched with organizers based on their strengths and suitability. Conferli helps to streamline the way tenders are handled by destinations and venues, enabling organizers to compare these proposals against set criteria.

“Over eighty percent of all association events are small or medium-sized, with under 500 delegates in attendance. The tender process traditionally used for selecting an event destination is complex and takes a lot of time and effort,” explains Ms. Nienke van der Malen, Founder and CEO of Conferli. “Until now, there hasn’t been a simple way to match cities and venues to your needs, but with Conferli we are able to do just that.”