GBTA: Consolidation of Event Programs Leads t...

Consolidation of Event Programs Leads to Future Success


Travel, meeting and event program consolidation has grown 62 percent since 2015. If this trend continues at this rate, 68 percent of programs will be fully consolidated by 2019, according to new research by the GBTA Foundation in partnership with Cvent, Inc. This research is the second edition of a survey of travel managers and event planners in North America, aiming to discover what portion of the market includes consolidated programs, what factors drove the move to consolidation, and what successes companies have experienced as a result. Nearly all respondents with consolidated programs reported great success, more so than two years ago – a sign that the full benefits and value of consolidation may not be realized immediately after implementation. “Organizations can increase efficiencies, reduce redundancies and ultimately save time and money by bringing together travel, events and even marketing programs,” said Patrick Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Cvent. “These programs should work hand in hand with each other, instead of operating in silos. We are seeing more travel and events programs come together at a faster rate than ever before, pointing to growing industry recognition that all of these functions support and reinforce each other – and generate better business outcomes.”