Conventa Week: Set as hybrid format
Conventa Week

Set as hybrid format

© Marko Delbello Ocepek
Picture: Impression from Conventa 2020
Picture: Impression from Conventa 2020

Conventa Week is fast approaching, and for the first time, it will be held in hybrid format, defying the challenging conditions of the corona crisis. Two events will be taking place during the last week of August; the Conventa Trade Show and Conventa Crossover conference. Conventa Trade Show, the oldest MICE event in the region of Ljubljana, will be taking place from 25 to 26 August 2021, attended by 75 exhibitors and 110 international hosted buyers. 1,803 appointments between exhibitors and hosted buyers have already been pre-scheduled and the organisers expect more than 2,500 appointments to be made. They are preparing Conventa as a good practice case. An example of how large events can be safely and responsibly executed during the pandemic. They see Conventa as the cornerstone of the region's meetings industry, proving that it is resilient, persistent, and always looking for new opportunities.

Gorazd Čad, co-founder of Conventa explained that putting together the Conventa mosaic this year has been extremely challenging. Navigating between 4 days of programme content, high expectations from the attendees and logistical constraints proved to be the greatest challenge.

"The organisation of this year's event is special in many ways. Especially in terms of logistics, which was the most challenging and difficult part of the project. Despite the challenge, after a long marathon, we are ready to deliver a diverse and bold programme that dictates a hybrid future for the meetings industry." he continued.

The organisers are seeing a strong trend of increased demand for live meetings. A surprising fact is that the vast majority of international guests will be attending the event live. Only a handful will attend the event via Conventa’s online platform that will be the foundation of the hybrid format. This means that the desire to meet with people in person is stronger than ever, which is positive news for the meetings industry and live events in general.

Special attention will be paid to ensuring a safe event, strictly adhering to the Vaccinated, Tested, Recovered Rule. It is particularly interesting to note that 86% of all participants answered that they are vaccinated. Non-vaccinated individuals will have to present proof of recovery from Covid-19 or a PCR/rapid antigen test upon arrival. On-site testing will also be available for participants. The organiser of Conventa Crossover; Toleranca Marketing has also received the Safe & Healthy Meetings certification from the Slovenian Convention Bureau, ensuring a high-level of participant safety.

"Conventa is sending a positive message to the world and is working to build renewed trust in events of all kinds. Conventa is still alive because it is persistent, courageous and committed to its mission. Together we can do it and we can organise events in a safe way. We will prove it at the end of August", emphasised Miha Kovačič, co-founder of Conventa.

The entire Conventa team together with its partners remain optimistic. The pandemic has taught them a lot about responsibility towards the environment, participants and the wider community. For this reason, they sincerely believe that Conventa will be a good practice example of how the whole industry can come out of the crisis stronger and better.