AIPC 2017 Annual Conference: Current Centre I...
AIPC 2017 Annual Conference

Current Centre Issues Meet Emerging Geo-political Challenges


A combination of member expertise and global insights addressed an overall theme of “Transformation” at the 2017 Annual Conference of the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC) this past week in Sydney Australia. Enhanced by a destination and a new host facility – the ICC Sydney – with a lot of very recent experience in the re-invention process, the theme embraced a series of topics ranging from potential impact of current geopolitical challenges to more immediately practical issues such as cyber-security, evolving client expectations and emerging competition in the industry.  
“The AIPC Annual Conference program takes full advantage of our members’ expertise, in combination with the broader perspectives we achieved by incorporating leading experts in areas related to our interface with governments, communities and the global economy”, said new AIPC President Aloysius Arlando.
The conference drew on the recent experiences of the host city Sydney with a series of presenters who described and illustrated the dynamic of a city renewal process that relied heavily on a convention centre component as a catalyst for new business events activity. At the same time, global thought leaders provided research-based insights into how areas as diverse as city relationships and emerging geo-political disruptions could impact centres along with suggestions for strategies to address them.
Other sessions explored areas of immediate centre concern including the growing spectre of cyber-security, the opportunities associated with the rise of a powerful Asian industry, and how key client groups are re-shaping event formats, centre expectations and traditional business practices. At the same time, a range of new AIPC programs and research results was unveiled that directly addressed some of the most important challenges and provided members with both insights and tools to respond to these.