Digital signage partnership: OCCC relies on X...
Digital signage partnership

OCCC relies on Xpodigital

Photo: OCCC

The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) is partnering with Xpodigital, a leading provider of digital signage solutions for events and hospitality, to provide comprehensive, customised digital advertising and signage services to OCCC events.

"The OCCC's fully integrated digital signage network, provided by Xpodigital, will offer clients an easy and effective way to reinforce their brand, while delivering informative messaging to attendees," said OCCC Executive Director Mark Tester.
„The digital signage network will offer clients an easy and effective way to reinforce their brand.“
Mark Tester, OCCC Executive Director
The agreement between OCCC and Xpodigital makes Xpodigital the exclusive provider of advertising, digital content and branding displayed on the permanent digital signage at the OCCC and authorises Xpodigital to provide temporary digital signage solutions throughout the facility. The base contract runs through September 2022 and there are two additional one-year renewal periods.

Working in partnership with the OCCC, Xpodigital will provide digital content creation, sales and management for all digital signage within the full campus. Xpodigital will also provide events with customised temporary digital signage solutions. "Whether creating a more immersive show floor, registration, overflow, meeting room, or keynote environment, event clients will be able to more effectively engage and communicate with their audiences", Xpodigital states.