Digital site inspection: Virtual visit to GCC...
Digital site inspection

Virtual visit to GCCEC

Photo: GCCEC

An interactive and immersive new 360-degree video will enable anyone in any location to embark on a virtual site inspection and see the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) from a whole new angle. "It's as good as a physical site tour", says Adrienne Readings, general manager of GCCEC. "The video includes all of the things that we'd discuss with visitors on an in-venue site tour – everything from which spaces are best suited to which types of events, to where the registration desk and organiser's offices are located."

Throughout GCCEC360, which can be viewed on virtually any computer or mobile device, clickable hotspots provide further details. "We mapped out how we do tours of the centre for prospective clients, from the front door to the arena, central rooms, meeting rooms, halls and foyers, and we recreated that experience virtually", Readings adds.