Diversity initiative: UFI launches special in...
Diversity initiative

UFI launches special interest group on female leadership

Photo: UFI

Since gender equality is in our interest as human beings both for women and for men, UFI has launched the Female Leadership Special Interest Group, focusing on empowering women in the industry and aiming at helping them to shape their career paths in March 2021. Inclusivity is not only about meeting the immediate economic needs of women, but lays out a long-term strategy for creating stronger systems and companies that reflect the experiences and contributions of women in the workforce and in society. Diverse thinking is crucial for success of a company, people from different genders and cultural backgrounds bring to the table new points of view, "outside the box" thinking and economic benefits.

"First and foremost, we want to raise awareness and extend support for more gender equality in the exhibitions industry. We will set up regular meetings to discuss new approaches to transform companies' culture and drive change", the newly founded group states. The group is open to all, men and women. The first meeting is planned to take place in April. Everyone who wants to take part is invited to get in touch and share the topics they want to discuss.

Contact: femaleleadership@ufi.org