Driving sustainability: IFEMA publishes susta...
Driving sustainability

IFEMA publishes sustainable participation guide

Photo: IFEMA

IFEMA Madrid has published sustainable participation guides for exhibitors and visitors, containing a set of recommendations following the lifecycle of participation in a fair or event, so that any participant in one of those activities can make it a sustainable experience and reduce its impact. Both exhibitors and visitors can consult these documents, which contain protocols and recommendations with the aim that the participation of these groups in events have a positive impact on the environment.

„Both exhibitors and visitors may have a positive impact on the environment.“
IFEMA Madrid
The Guide to Sustainable Participation for exhibitors analyses each of the aspects that can potentially be addressed with sustainability in mind, throughout a company's itinerary, from the moment it makes the decision to participate in a fair until its completion, dismantling, and the journey back to its destination. It is an analysis of the responses that companies deciding to exhibit at a fair will encounter during its lifecycle, and which they can turn into opportunities to collaborate in the achievement of the sustainable development goals. With recommendations ranging from the choice of the appropriate materials for the construction of the stand, taking in the treatment of waste, packaging and chemical products, to safety and the entry and exit of goods, neither forgetting the sustainable management of catering and transport, among many other aspects. These recommendations are also of interest to assembly companies and agencies.

The Sustainable Participation Guide for visitors includes a series of recommendations that all those who attend a fair or event, both for business and leisure, can follow. The guide therefore recommends entry using the digital ticket, using public or shared transport to travel to the venues, rational and adequate use of resources during their visit, sending suggestions to the organisation after their visit to name a few.

IFEMA Madrid offers these guides openly, and encourages them to be applied not only at its own fairs, but at any fair or event that takes place anywhere on the planet, thus turning this initiative into a sector commitment.