Easyfairs: Anne Lafère and Matt Benyon named ...

Anne Lafère and Matt Benyon named Group CEOs

Photo: Easyfairs

Easyfairs Group has announced that Eric Everard will be assuming the role of Easyfairs Group Chairman with immediate effect. Anne Lafère and Matt Benyon will now serve as Group Chief Executive Officers.

“I have worked with Anne and Matt for many years and I am fully confident that they will successfully steer the Easyfairs Group through the next stage of its growth,” said Eric Everard, who founded Easyfairs in 2004. “They are both very strong and motivating leaders with very complementary skill sets,” he added.

Anne Lafère said, “Despite the success in bouncing back from nearly two years when live events were impossible across Europe, Easyfairs, and the industry in general, is facing numerous challenges in these turbulent times.” On top of the need to drive a recovery in numbers of visitors and exhibitors, she cites Easyfairs’ goal to launch 15 or more new events per year, the integration of new acquisitions, talent acquisition and retention as well as Easyfairs’ ESG strategy and net zero roadmap.
„I will play an active role in business development.“
Eric Everard, chairman, Easyfairs Group
“Having enjoyed working with Anne for the past 13 years, I believe the approach is the right one to meet the challenges ahead and I am looking forward to a constructive and fruitful partnership,” commented Matt Benyon. “We will be dividing our responsibilities based on competence areas rather than by geographies. My focus will be revenues, growth drivers and M&A, while Anne will be focused on talent, technology & marketing, ESG and customer experience.”

The duo will share responsibilities for strategy, legal and financial issues and can count on strong support from the Heads of Region and the management team at Easyfairs HQ in Brussels. “Diversity of experience will be a positive asset in the co-CEO model, especially with Eric’s wise counsel on new ideas,” Lafère concluded.

In his new role as chairman, Eric Everard says he “will work to validate the Group’s vision and overall strategic agenda. That means I will always be available to Anne and Matt to provide advice and act as a sounding board. And I will play an active role in business development, working with fellow entrepreneurs to convince them of the benefits of working with the Group, and supporting the Group’s overall growth plan.”