Easyfairs : Spectacular rebound after pandemi...

Spectacular rebound after pandemic

Photo: Easyfairs

Easyfairs has announced its results for the financial year 2021-22. They show a spectacular recovery from the pandemic. The Easyfairs Group's 2021-22 revenues grew to €163 million. Recurring EBITDA hit €28.5 million from minus €30 million the previous year. With this growth, the Easyfairs Group, headquartered in Brussels, is very nearly back to pre-COVID levels of profits and revenues. Eric Everard, Group chairman and founder, expressed his delight at the results: "Our financial performance is a credit to the fantastic and dynamic people we have. The team took the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge, ready for the upturn, and we are seeing the results."

„Our financial performance is a credit to the fantastic and dynamic people we have.“
Eric Everard, Group chairman and founder of Easyfairs
Easyfairs Group CEO Matt Benyon: "The events industry as a whole is resurgent, because a large proportion of many companies' annual turnover either happens directly at events or is initiated during events. SMEs, in particular, which are major drivers of economic growth, rely on events to meet customers and prospects and build their sales pipelines." Anne Lafère, who shares Group CEO responsibilities with Benyon, provided another perspective on the turnaround. "After months of meeting via video links, there is a real appetite to meet face to face. Our digital events helped to keep our business communities in touch during the pandemic. We will continue taking digital initiatives to engage with communities all year round − this really enhances the appeal of our face-to-face events."

Over the past financial year (21-22) Easyfairs has launched 19 new events, mainly through the "geocloning" of existing event concepts in new markets. A similar number of launches is planned for financial year 2022-23. Easyfairs also made acquisitions, notably the KPA plastics trade show in Germany. In Sweden, the Easyfairs Group recently announced a 50% share of Malmö Mäss-Service, a provider of stand-building and related services, with which Easyfairs has a longstanding collaboration at its own venue, Malmömässan.