Safe and healthy places for exhibitions: Emec...
Safe and healthy places for exhibitions

Emeca exhibition venues developed health and safety protocols

Foto: emeca

All emeca exhibition venues have proactively developed advanced health and safety protocols that take into account the respective Covid-19 situation and are based on WHO and on national as well as local health guidelines. And they have established a comprehensive emeca database for the best measures, practices and technologies.

Emeca exhibition venues are designed to host large events flexibly and to structure and steer the audiences safely on their entire journey. Exhibitions are platforms for industries to showcase their innovations, products and services and for people to meet personally to do business, to inspire and to learn. These B2B and B2C exhibitions have always been held in a safe and secure environment. Our utmost aim is to protect the communities we serve and our providers and employees from any risks.

The Anti-Covid-19 measures at the emeca exhibition venues includes risk distancing, guidance and crowd control, assessment and planning, sanitary measures, information and training, additional health measures among other things.