ETT Club journey to reopen: Removing barriere...
ETT Club journey to reopen

Removing barrieres with event tech

Photo: ETT Club

How can exhibitor confidence be restored? The Exhibition Think Tank (ETT) Club journey to reopen the exhibition industry is conducting a panel discussion on “How Event Tech Can Remove Barriers To Exhibiting (part 2)”. In an online online session it will be dicussed how event tech can help to restore exhibitor confidence, remove barriers to exhibiting and get the industry moving.

The panel is introduced by “Tech for Better Events” ETT group leaders and speakers are Wendy Friewald Kirkland, Director of Global sales, EXPOCAD – EXPOCAD have developed tech for event design, management, security, Matthew Funge, founder and CEO, Yourstandbuilder – a B2B marketplace platform connecting exhibitors with stand builders, Nils-Oliver Boldt, Co-Founder and CTO, Eventflow – EVENTFLOW helps organisers with delivery management and contractor safety, and Adam Jones, CEO & Chief Product Officer, FFAIR – FFAIR helps to manage suppliers, exhibitor orders and online manuals.

The session takes place on June 14, 2021 and is moderated by Niall Thompson, Managing Director, Interflow Logistics Ltd. It will focus on the operating side and what happens before an event.