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Events Industry Council

EIC supports VSef data format

Photo: UX Indonesia on Unsplash

The Events Industry Council (EIC) has announced its support for VSef, the global data format for the digital events industry.

Amy Calvert, CEO of the EIC, commented, "As the global voice of the business events industry, the EIC works to establish international industry standards through the CMP Programme, EIC Sustainable Event Standards as well as the long-standing APEX initiative. The global VSef initiative, founded by Explori, has focused on the area of digital event data standards, and developed a comprehensive solution on a not-for-profit basis. We are delighted to bring our APEX Commission and VSef together to further develop and establish these essential data standards."
„We are delighted to further develop essential data standards.“
Amy Calvert, CEO of the EIC
Mark Brewster, founder of Explori and VSef, commented, "We are delighted to be working with the EIC and their APEX Commission. We have formed this alliance to further the cause of data standardisation. Ultimately, it is vital for event organisers to keep a firm grip on their data assets. What is clear is that data is an essential asset for all event organisers and unless they can gain control, access and ownership of their digital event data, I fear that huge opportunities for growth and innovation will be missed. VSef is an important step in eliminating silos and putting the control of data back in organisers' hands. It also offers enormous benefits to the platforms themselves".

Stephen Rose, head of Global Communication Services, Siemens, commented: "To create the right analytics and insights along the entire customer journey, we need to be able to integrate consistent data from a plethora of event technologies into our data lake and blend it with data from other marketing and communication channels. It is not realistic for every individual platform to manage the unique data requirements of every corporate; and equally, it is not viable for every corporate to work around each platform's unique data format. The solution is to have a robust industry data standard, and this is why I am a supporter of the VSef initiative".
About VSef
VSef was launched in early 2021, with the aim of creating a global standardised data format which can be used to simplify the process of moving data between event platforms, sales and marketing systems and business intelligence tools. VSef has recently launched the second iteration of the standards - VSef 2.0 which includes a range of new features, allowing it to better meet the needs of international audiences as well as allowing for the unique data variables each platform captures.