Exhibition Place: Wi-Fi 6 complements technol...
Exhibition Place

Wi-Fi 6 complements technology services

Photo: Lukas Schulze/Collision via Sportsfile

Toronto's Exhibition Place has debuted Wi-Fi 6 at Beanfield Centre, adding to the service offering. Deemed the "next generation of Internet", this cutting-edge wireless technology provides better connectivity in high-density space uses such as meetings, conventions and galas where audiences congregate and the demand for bandwidth is high.

Through OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access), a new technology in Wi-Fi 6, network performance is greatly improved resulting in frictionless access to the Internet especially when large audiences with multiple devices are connected at Beanfield Centre.
„We are offering complimentary WiFi to all convention and exhibition clients, exhibitors and attendees.“
Laura Purdy, general manager, Exhibition Place
"The return to in-person events has seen an increased demand for enhanced digital connectivity as a result of industry trends – from webcasts and video streaming to hybrid events. We are meeting and exceeding these demands by offering complimentary WiFi to all convention and exhibition clients, exhibitors and attendees at Enercare Centre and Beanfield Centre", said Exhibition Place general manager, Laura Purdy.

This played out in real time at the Collision conference, which brough together over 35,000 international delegates relying on the free WiFi available on site to stream, network, discover panels through the event's app, and share experiences online. "It's evident that delegates have come to expect hyperconnectivity with a massive amount of engagement at live events occurring digitally, in real time", Exhibition Place states.