Feeling safe and cared for: Security training
Feeling safe and cared for

Security training

Photo: Huntington Place

At the end of October, Karen Totaro, general manager for Huntington Place/ASM Global, was pleased to announce the rollout of new public safety and security measures, starting with the November 4 all-staff International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) Venue Safety and Security Training. Mark Herrera, director of safety and security at IAVM, will conduct the training for all teams inclusive of leadership working to secure all events in Huntington Place. "Safety is one of the top concerns for meeting planners and attendees," said Totaro. "Combining local, state and national security efforts in a way that makes our clients feel safe and cared for will be instrumental to our future." Public safety is increasingly becoming a top priority for convention centres and other venues.

„Safety is one of the top concerns for meeting planners and attendees“
Karen Totaro, general manager for Huntington Place/ASM Global
Marlon Wilson, who began his role of director of public safety Huntington Place last month, will be working with Herrera to train staff on the latest safety and security protocols for venues. The training emphasises developing teams capable of providing exceptional focus, performance and control in extreme situations.

Convention centres across the country are coming out of the COVID pandemic with changed sets of customer expectations for service delivery and environmental hygiene. Public safety departments have broadened their reach to not only include crisis communications, crowd control and policing strategy, but also guest experience and customer service.