World Leading Conference for the first time i...
World Leading Conference for the first time in Latin America

For Water Reuse and Destilation


In contact with the International Desalination Association & Water Reuse since 2010, the São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau, in a strategic partnership with ESA Latin America, brings to São Paulo the leading global event for water reuse and desalination. Held for the first time in Latin America, the event features an industry-leading exhibition, a wide-ranging four-day technical program, visits to plants, and networking events during the week of October 15-20. Approximately 1,200 public and private sector participants from across the globe will attend the congress - leaders in all industry sectors, from end users to technology developers and solution providers, academics and researchers, funders, vendors, and consultants.
In all, approximately 350 papers representing 40 countries were submitted for consideration in the technical program. "With data from the IDA Yearbook been showing for years, Latin America, and in particular Brazil, has become a leading user of water desalination and reuse technology. The potential for a greater use of these technologies is enormous, and the interest is very high," said Emilio Gabbrielli, President of the International Desalination Association."Based on years of experience in seeing the positive impact of the IDA World Congress in other parts of the world, hopefully, this event will once again serve as a catalyst for a wider and more appropriate use of these technologies in Brazil and Latin America. This perspective, coupled with Brazil's strong support, was the reason why IDA selected Brazil as the location for the 2017 World Congress," he added.