GenZ-Report: What younger audiences need from...

What younger audiences need from events

Photo: Imago/Arnulf Hettrich

Freeman has released its Gen Z Report 2023 on how the young generation views and experiences live events and the positive impact these have on brand loyalty and trust.

Powered by Edelman Data and Intelligence, the Freeman Gen Z Report utilises extensive survey data that can inform event marketers on how to reach, communicate and influence the next generation of decision makers.
„We must do our part to ensure our strategies resonate with Gen Z to keep them interested, engaged, and energised for the long haul.“
Mickey Wilson, chief marketing officer, Freeman
According to Freeman, the results demonstrate a clear correlation between face-to-face interaction at live events, brand trust and the positive effects they have on Gen Z. The survey data shows that at live events, Gen Z wants to interact with other attendees. Key findings include:

• 68% of Gen Z consumers feel more trusting of a brand to "do what is right" after interacting at a live event.

• 64% retained these feelings for at least a month, resulting in a halo effect: long-term brand trust, recognition, and sales.

• 47% dislike over-programmed days at events

• 85% say trusting a brand is critical for purchase

• 71% of Gen Z consumers say their trust increased following their interaction with a brand at a live event.

The Freeman Gen Z Report can be downloaded through the Freeman website.