Getting personal : Clarion Events partners Co...
Getting personal

Clarion Events partners Consero

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Clarion Events adds a more personal touch: The company has partnered with Consero Group, a Maryland-based provider of invitation-only programmes, serving senior corporate executives through innovative and intimate in-person and virtual events, and boardroom-style roundtables.

„We cannot rest on what we know, we must continue to evolve our business. “
Greg Topalian, CEO Clarion Events North American
This step is part of a larger scheme: Clarion Events in North America has grown through a series of well-defined and diversified partnerships and acquisitions, with a strong focus on value-led connections programmes. As the tradeshow industry at large experiences an accelerating recovery, Clarion has focused on ensuring differentiation in the market by integrating new and evolving models with a targeted focus on connecting buyers and sellers through meaningful meetings. The partnership with Consero follows last year's partnership with Quartz Events, a market-leading digital and in-person, one-to-one meetings business which has, as expected, seen exponential growth in 2021.

"While our core business is coming back strong, the last 21 months have taught us that we cannot rest on what we know, we must continue to evolve our business and find new ways to deliver value", commented Greg Topalian, Clarion Events North American CEO. "The team at Consero has developed an excellent model, their event format is tailored with highly defined participation in a smaller event environment, creating exclusivity and value for participants, which is a sought-after experience we are seeing more and more of today in our business and complements our existing meetings programmes."

Consero will preserve its current organisational structure with Paul Mandell remaining as CEO, Jessica Druckman as SVP of Program Development, and Will Card as SVP of Strategic Partnerships. The senior leadership team is located in the Washington D.C. and the New York City Metropolitan Areas and will remain remote while working alongside Topalian and his team in North America.