GL events and Oak View Group: Operating venue...
GL events and Oak View Group

Operating venues in Orléans

Photo: CO'Met

GL events has been selected by the Orléans Metropolitan Council to operate six event venues in Orléans, France. As from January 1, 2023, GL events will become the first manager and operator of CO'Met, a 15,800 sqm exhibition centre, a 1,000-person capacity convention centre and a large 10,000-person capacity event hall, following a €150 million investment by the Orleans Metropolitan Council.

GL events will also operate three additional venues located in the city centre: the Zenith concert hall (capacity for 6,900 persons), the Chapit'O event venue (37,000 sqm) and the conference centre (capacity for 500). This concession was granted pursuant to the tender bid submitted in partnership with Oak View Group (OVG). OVG will work with GL events in operating the Grande Salle Événementielle, marketing, developing partnerships and naming rights for the Zenith concert hall, as well as managing the relationship with the local club, Orléans Loiret Basket.
„These venues are expected to generate €9 million in annual revenue.“
GL events
The operating company for the six venues, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GL events, will be responsible for hosting and organising sports, economic and cultural events as well as for developing a new offering of exhibitions and events. GL events will deploy its CSR policy in managing these six venues and apply its extensive expertise to promote business tourism in Orleans in coordination with all destination stakeholders, the company states.

During the growth phase, these new venues are expected to generate approximately €9 million in annual revenue for GL events. The concession is being awarded for nine years.

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