Golden Jubilee in Los Angeles: LACC debuts Ha...
Golden Jubilee in Los Angeles

LACC debuts Hall of Fame

The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), owned by the City of Los Angeles and managed by ASM Global, introduced the LACC Hall of Fame on July 29 during the Center’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

General Manager Ellen Schwartz recognized three events that embody the spirit of the LACC. “We are thrilled to have the 50th Anniversary celebration be a platform to launch the LACC Hall of Fame. Here, we can celebrate three significant events that have contributed to the success of this Center,” said Schwartz.
„We are thrilled to launch the LACC Hall of Fame. “
Ellen Schwartz, General Manager LACC
Ski Dazzle founders Jim Foster and Judy Gray commented, “We were totally surprised when Ellen Schwartz called Ski Dazzle to the podium to be honoured as the first inductee into the Los Angeles Convention Center’s new Hall of Fame. Being the longest running event produced in the building, we are mindful of the special relationship we have with the City of Los Angeles and the LA Convention Center. We are honoured to have been selected among those recognized.”

LA Auto Show (LAAS) owner Lisa Kaz added, “There is a long history between our event and the facility, so this acknowledgement is especially nostalgic for me. My grandfather moved the Auto Show to the Convention Center as soon as it opened its doors 50 years ago and we’ve been there ever since. To be among this initial group of inductees to the LACC Hall of Fame, as we plan our 2021 edition and the return to live events, is a great honour.”