Harvesting in the Sustainable City Dubai : A ...
Harvesting in the Sustainable City Dubai

A sweet future for Expo's adopted bees

Photo: Expo 2020 Dubai

Honey from bees rescued and relocated from the Expo 2020 site has been harvested and bottled at their new hive at the Sustainable City in Dubai. During construction at the Expo 2020 Dubai site, honeybees were discovered and rescued by the Expo's sustainability team. Honey is now produced by these bees at their new home.

The bees' nest had been discovered in a pile of steel rebars in early 2019. Following a complex operation to remove the insects, which involved sugar solution being sprayed on them to temporarily stop them from flying, the hive of Apis mellifera honeybees – which are not native to the UAE – was relocated to the Beekeepers Association's Bee Garden at the Sustainable City in Dubai.

All workers are also advised to alert Expo's environmental team when they find any animals on site, helping to ensure Expo 2020 Dubai will be one of the most sustainable World Expos ever. Since construction began, more than 20 animal species have been rescued and relocated off site, including a falcon, a spiny-tailed lizard, baby hares and a variety of other reptiles and small mammals.