How to netucation: Creating a post-crisis USP
How to netucation

Creating a post-crisis USP

Photo: ETT Club

Wondering how to create a post crisis Exhibition USP? The netucation session by Exhibition Think Tank (ETT) Club is covering this topic on February 15, 2021. Led by MBB-Consulting Groups Matthias Tesi Baur, it will cover the importance of understanding and analysing the dynamic of a show before the crisis as well as the importance of understanding the customer dynamic. What is the recipe of a Content and Feature strategy and the level of involvement and collaboration?

The micro education session is designed for a quick knowledge transfer combined with a networking platform. Participants will learn how to create a post-crisis exhibition USP and discuss it with other course participants. It included 30 minutes education, 30 minutes group work, and 30 minutes discussion.