IACC survey reveals growing priority of deleg...
IACC survey reveals growing priority of delegate health at even

IACC released its Trends in Nutrition & Delegate Wellbeing survey report.

Mark Cooper IACC

The survey asked venue respondents a series of questions regarding health choices available to delegates through menus and types of event spaces. The results reveal nutrition and wellbeing are high priorities for delegates, and food that improves mental clarity and concentration levels is growing in popularity.According to the report, venues are receiving more requests for foods that go beyond nutritional density. Delegates are demanding foods that deliver superior wellbeing benefits through increased nutrient or mineral content. Some 38% of venues said they already offer specific “brain foods” on their menus. IACC’s CEO, Mark Cooper, comments: “Earlier this year, our Meeting Room of the Future research revealed that brain food is important to delegates. Now, through this new research report on delegate nutrition and wellbeing, we see the opportunity to help with delegate alertness and attention is being taken seriously by an increasing number of venues.”