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IFEMA Madrid

Growing more digital, diversified and international

Photo: IFEMA

IFEMA Madrid reports that it managed to stabilise its balance sheet despite the strong impact of the limitations caused by the pandemic. The company ended the year 2021 with a revenue of 98.6 million euros, an EBITDA of 7.3 million, and a net profit of one hundred thousand euros.

The results obtained in 2021 were described by the chairman of the executive committee of IFEMA Madrid, José Vicente de los Mozos, as "extremely satisfactory, offering a solid financial situation for the organisation, in which we have no debt, we continue to generate cash, and we also have sufficient resources of our own to continue with our future projects".
„We have sufficient resources to continue with our future projects.“
José Vicente de los Mozos
In the year as a whole, IFEMA Madrid's business spanned 300 events: 74 fairs, 8 congresses, 22 concerts and long-term events and 196 conventions, which attracted more than 1.4 million visitors and more than 16,000 participating companies. Additionally, the organisation has further diversified its business, with new streams of revenue representing 18% of total revenue. The company also states that in the digital sphere 24 hybrid or digital fairs were held in 2021, with a total of 131,119 visitors. They also managed not only to offer an alternative when physical projects were not possible, but also strengthen the face-to-face formats of the physical shows, amplifying their scope and their ability to generate business.

Financial year 2021 "has served to lay the foundations for the ambitious strategic plan we will present shortly and that will lead us on to becoming a more digital, diversified and international organisation", says José Vicente de los Mozos.