IMEX : She Means Business expands diversity d...

She Means Business expands diversity debate at IMEX in Frankfurt

Photo: IMEX Group

The conversation around diversity in the global meetings and events industry has broadened significantly in recent years and IMEX has expanded the scope of one of its signature events, She Means Business (SMB), accordingly.

Now titled, She Means Business, a Conversation for All, IMEX together with partners tw magazine and MPI are now inviting everyone, no matter how they identify, to take a fresh look at diversity, gender equality and female empowerment. An expanded programme offers sessions on all three days of IMEX in Frankfurt from May 31 to June 2, 2022.

Carina Bauer, IMEX Group CEO explains: "What started off as a small, female-focused event for the business events industry, has now grown to become a broader movement for all people, regardless of gender identity, to discuss how we as an industry can be more inclusive. Everyone's invited to shape this conversation. The debate about inclusivity and diversity remains as important as ever and poses real challenges for the global meetings industry. We're proud and excited by the partnerships and speakers we have in place who have created this timely and powerful programme."
„The debate about inclusivity and diversity remains as important as ever. “
Carina Bauer, CEO IMEX Group
Kerstin Wuensch, editor-in-chief of tw magazine, and Gwen Kaufmann, senior editor at m+a, are presenting the research into women in the events industry. Results of a new survey will be compared to findings from a similar study in 2017. The intention is to highlight what has changed (and what has not) as well as the current business issues around gender equality.

The survey, by tw tagungswirtschaft and m+a report by the dfv media group and the IMEX Group, runs until March 25 – everyone is invited to take part.