Increased interest in exhibitions: Business d...
Increased interest in exhibitions

Business demand drives event growth

Australian Events Marketing reports increased demand for its exhibiting business. The organiser has staged eighteen events since covid struck, but recent demand has gone to a whole new level.

Director of Australian Events, Bob Carroll, stated, "Businesses are coming back to events in droves. We are fielding increased enquiry across the entire state. Businesses have seen the success we have achieved on the ground and are now requesting larger exhibition sites than in previous years. It's a major win for our patrons attending".
„Businesses have seen the success and are now requesting larger exhibition sites.“
Bob Carroll, Director of Australian Events
Events scheduled for the remainder of 2021 are approaching capacity, the organiser reports. The 2021 Sunshine Coast Expo has filled the entire venue, while Care Expo at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre has reached a new milestone, with the highest number of exhibiting organisations and keynote speakers since conception. The 2021 Cleveland Expo has also benefited, recording a 50% increase in exhibitor numbers over the previous year.