Increased NPS: Emerald reports increased cust...
Increased NPS

Emerald reports increased customer loyalty

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Emerald Holding, Inc. has provided a summary on its recently held events. The company sees an increase in customer loyalty. Since the reopening of most major municipalities in the United States in June 2021, Emerald has traded over 20 in-person trade shows, conferences and other events, serving more than 90,000 attendees and 5,000 exhibiting companies. These events have, on average, delivered 30% to 70% of pre-COVID attendance levels with some approaching or matching their attendance levels from 2019, the company reports.
„Attendee presence has been driven by the need to meet.“
Hervé Sedky, president and chief executive officer of Emerald
As expected, COVID-related issues such as international travel restrictions and date postponements for many company events have impacted attendance. Exhibitor satisfaction has been high given strong attendee turnout with the ratio of attendees to exhibitors increasing over 20% compared to 2019 levels, on average, across all events, which has contributed to an almost 400% average increase in exhibitor net promoter scores (NPS), compared with 2019.

"We are committed and excited to lead the way in bringing in-person events back to our customers in a safe and productive way," said Hervé Sedky, President and Chief Executive Officer of Emerald. "Attendee presence at Emerald's recent events has been driven by the need to meet rising consumer demand, which has resulted in extensive order writing and new business generation for our exhibitors. This critical business function, coupled with the positive feedback from amongst our customers, reinforces the relevance and sustainable value of our events."