ICCA reveals theme for ICCA AMP 2019: “Inspir...
ICCA reveals theme for ICCA AMP 2019

“Inspiration to go further”

Foto; Icca

Delegates at the upcoming ICCA Association Meetings Programme 2019, taking place in Durban, South Africa from 18-20 June, are set to collaborate to drive value and impact through international association meetings, as ICCA reveals the theme of the event as “Inspiration to go further”. Influenced by Durban’s entrepreneurial spirit and guiding all aspects of the core education programme, the theme has been chosen to communicate the AMP’s aim of providing all delegates with, through personalised ROI, the tools and expertise to be more effective in winning association meetings business. The AMP is designed to bring ICCA Members and Association Executives from all over the world together for open exchange through small-scale networking and interactive global knowledge transfer about bidding, designing, organising and promoting international association meetings.   ICCA Interim CEO Dennis Speet said: “The AMP host destination for 2019, Durban, is full of stories of people who, driven by their own knowledge and passion, have used their local heritage and traditions as inspiration to help them reach great heights in their chosen profession. We urge all delegates to bring their burning challenges to the ICCA AMP and join our education programme, which will embody what Durban is all about: inspiration to go further! Each session will not only arm delegates with new tools, ideas and knowledge, but will be full of stories from our speakers and fellow participants that will inspire all attendees to use their newfound expertise to tackle their own challenges and be more successful in winning association meetings business.” www.amp2019.iccaworld.org