Instant Fair : Deutsche Messe takes new appr...
Instant Fair

Deutsche Messe takes new approach

Photo: Deutsche Messe

Deutsche Messe is converting Hall 23. Stands, event areas and hybrid stages will be permanently installed to provide an event location that can be used and booked immediately. It can be used for any type of trade fair, confex format and presentation event. The Hanover-based company calls the concept Instant Fair. Completion and first bookings are scheduled for March 2022.

"Instant Fair means that Hall 23 at the North 1 entrance of the Hanover exhibition centre can be booked as a self-contained location with up to 3,000 marketable square metres with up to 130 fully assembled and equipped system stands ranging from small to medium-sized plus innovative communal areas for up to 3,000 guests per day without long lead times", says Robert Bachmann, director for venue sales. The hall layout meets all COVID-19 requirements and is designed to be cost-efficient, budget-safe and sustainable for customers, according to Deutsche Messe.
„Instant Fair offers many possible uses – any type of event can be represented. “
Robert Bachmann, director venue sales Deutsche Messe
"Instant Fair offers many possible uses - any type of event can be represented, especially trade fairs with event character, modern in-house trade fairs and hybrid confex formats. We can turn the modern row and innovative block stands into a world of experience for event organisers and their guests. In addition, there are several forums, of course with a streaming and content creation focus, as well as different areas for startups and meeting lounges", Bachmann adds.