PCMA’s commitment to business events recovery...
PCMA’s commitment to business events recovery

Joint Covid-19 Crisis Management and Recovery Plan

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PCMA activates a plan in consultation with their partner to take a proactive role in the corona-virus crisis. The plan is anchored in the belief that business events must play a role in contributing to the solution — not the spread — of this crisis.

That means business events, first and foremost, must step up efforts to keep their participants and their host communities safe from the spread of COVID-19 during this outbreak in order to do their part to aid the global recovery. PCMA will help convey the message that business events are not only safe, but a vital component to widespread economic recovery. They have been in ongoing discussions with business events leaders in China to collaborate around the development of a plan. This will be based, in part, on learnings that came out of the SARS and H1N1 recovery plans. PCMA will also share crisis response research from the  Foundation and engage its global network of partners to support this effort.

Sherrif Karamat, CAE President & CEO, PCMA : “we are saddened by the tragic loss of life and the thought of tens of thousands who have been sickened by this virus. But we must remain hopeful that an unprecedented global collaboration of government, scientific, health, business and social leaders will succeed in containing its spread, providing care to those afflicted and developing a vaccine to prevent future outbreaks. We believe resolutely in the power of people to come together to solve any crisis. Indeed, bringing people together to address challenges is the bedrock of our industry.“

PCMA is providing those in the business events community with the most relevant information and resources to help inform their response to the impact of the crisis during their constantly updated resource webpage 'What Business Event Professionals Need to Know About the COVID-19 Coronavirus'. You will find information on measures to prevent the spread of infection at events, answers to questions about contracting and insurance, and crisis management best practices, shared by some of the world’s leading business events practitioners.


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